Happy Holidays and New Year!

Whenever possible, use the buddy system by traveling or attending events with someone else who can provide an extra layer of security and support. Keep someone informed about your plans for the day, including your whereabouts and expected return time. Regularly check-in with them so they know you’re safe throughout the day. Before going out for the night, ensure that transportation arrangements are made beforehand; whether it’s designating a driver, using ride-sharing services, or having taxi numbers readily available.

Keep a close eye on your personal belongings at all times, especially in crowded areas where theft can occur more easily. Avoid excessive phone use while walking in public areas as it can make you an easy target for theft or other crimes; instead, stay alert and aware of what’s happening around you at all times.

Always trust your instincts when something feels off or doesn’t seem right—this is an important part of staying safe in any situation. Don’t be afraid to move into aikido stance and position yourself in an optimal position for executing your plan to be safe. Remember your Basic aikido training, know your surroundings, and those around you, know where the exits are and the path to get to them.

Don’t make yourself a target (like counting your cash in public, walking around with cellphone as your basic focus, and valuables easily accessible to other, etc) Remember, having a plan and being prepared doesn’t mean living in fear—it simply means prioritizing your safety and well-being so you can fully enjoy the holiday season. Keeping all of this in mind will help ensure that you make it home SAFE this holiday season. If you found my perspective interesting and want to find out more check out the video on my YouTube channel linked below where I talk about the awareness levels in depth.

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